Thieves and Escapes

Today i finished up 2 books. The first, The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti, is about a young orphan boy named Ren who only has one hand. Raised in a Catholic orphanage until he's about 12, Ren is taken by Benjamin Nab, who claims to be his brother. Of course he is not; he says he adopts Ren because his injury will be great for cons. Benjamin's friend is Tom, an alcoholic ex-teacher. We follow these three through thieving, selling "medicinal drafts", grave robbing and other exciting activities. As this book is relatively new i don't want to say anymore so i don't spoil you! This book is a great, quick read. I really like it for two different reasons, partly because i like the genre "boys' adventure stories" with thieves and good hearted con men, daring robberies and narrow escapes. Parts reminded me of The Lies of Locke Lamora and i am sure Locke and Benjamin would get along well. On another level i really like stories (and movies) about the family you make rather than the one you're born into. The way friendship, compassion, shared experience and choices bring people together and can make them closer than family. This book is a 6.

The second, Unplugged by Nancy Whitney-Reiter, is short non-fiction work about how to basically take a trip for several months. Ostensibly, it is a book about how to find yourself by taking this time off. Really though, it's kind of a checklist. I could only recommend it if you hadn't given the slightest bit of thought about how to spend a lengthy time traveling. I mean, does any person in their 20's or 30's really need to be told to set up automatic payments for their bills? To pay off their credit cards before leaving? I did get a couple of websites to look at out of it, but overall I'd give it a 3 personally.


  1. I keep hearing (reading actually) about The Good Thief everywhere! Maybe it's a sign!


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