Another Meme

So I've seen this one a fair bit. I copied it from Bart at Bart's Bookshelf.

One book you’re currently reading: The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury

One book that changed your life: The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan

One book you’d want on a deserted island: well, logically i should say some sort of giant field manual/how to guide/etc. but i don't think that's the point of the question. I'll go with The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

One book you’ve read more than once: By The Sword by Mercedes Lackey

One book you’ve never been able to finish: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (it's been about half way finished for over a year now!)

One book that made you laugh: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

One book that made you cry: The End by Lemony Snicket. yeah, i promise.

One book you keep rereading: All the Harry Potter ones.

One book you’ve been meaning to read: Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky

One book you believe everyone should read: hmm, how about The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.

Grab the nearest book. Open it to page 56. Find the fifth sentence: A book of collected Poe is the closest to me. "Do I not distinguish that heavy and horrible beating of her heart!" from Fall of the House of Usher BTW.


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