Bradbury Book and Some Begging!

Tonight I finished The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. It is a series of short stories, bookended by a piece about a tattooed man whose tattoos change to show different stories as well as the future. I don't really feel like these stories fell under sci-fi though. Some take place on Mars, or in a rocket, or feature time travel but these things are just part of the set up. All the stories are really sad as well. No happy endings in any of these. My favorites were "The Veldt", where kids kill their parents, "The Exiles", about censored authors (Poe, Shakespeare, Carroll) living on Mars, and "Marionettes, INC" which was definitely the best. It is about buying an exact replica of yourself to fool your family. It had a wonderful Twilight Zone feel. Overall though, i'd say this volume is a 4. Just not my thing.

So i am begging for money for the Tennessee Repertory Theater. In this economy their funding is dropping and donations from both businesses and individuals have fallen off. If they raise $100,000 they've got someone who will match it. I've donated $20. I bought tickets to Sweeney Todd last fall and enjoyed it immensely. I'll be seeing Darwin in Malibu in May because they sent me a free ticket voucher (unrelated to the donation, i got that before). So if you're a TN resident with a couple extra bucks donate! Or, in other states, consider checking out if your local art/theater/symphony needs a bit of help.

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  1. I was watching the news today, and something like 4 Florida universities are losing funding. It's crazy.


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