Fight the whole warming up thingy....

Ok, i am trying with cute titles.

This morning i got up too late to make it to yoga class but i did manage to plant 3 trees in Haiti. I did it after breakfast (bagel and coffee) but before showering. How so?

I went to mokugift and donated $3. Mokugift is an Official Partner of UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign. The idea is to plant a billion trees a year. Planting all these trees will help sequester carbon, increase reflectivity from the ground to shoot some rays back into space, and also create more clouds which are also reflective and make rain to help with droughts. Mokugift doesn't just plant trees around randomly. They target rainforest areas, especially low income or So they're working on reforestation, erosion control, local food systems and global warming all at once! I picked Haiti because in the book Collapse author Jared Diamond describes how bad off this country is, especially in comparison to it's island sharing neighbor the Dominican Republic. Mokugift has an awesome little widget; you get a little animated island that shows the trees you've planted as well as those your friends, and your friends' friends, have planted. So, click over on my sidebar if you plan to go through this site. Help me fill up my island!

Want to get involved more locally? If by local you mean your own yard, UNEP's site tells you how to plant a tree. Pick something local to your area! For restoring America's forests in general, try the American Forests site. They also offer a dollar for a tree program and you can select specific campaigns, like Katrina ReLeaf or California Wildfire ReLeaf.

Currently: thinking about spring.


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! Glad to see your involvement in the cause.

    Also, Kudos on the yoga. Of course not to the fact that you didn't make it, I'm sorry to hear that, but great for taking the class...

  2. Anonymous13/2/09 01:39

    thank you for your support. I see that you are already inspiring more people, your inspiration impact count went up!

    ...mokugift team


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