I'm about out of Bishops

But i haven't started playing chess or anything. I'm now out of Black Jewels novels by Anne Bishop, at least until March when she releases a new book. I stayed up late last night to finish Tangled Webs. The main premise is that Janelle and Marion create a haunted house for the landen (non-magic folks) and Blood to visit during Halloween. An author, who's just found out he's Blood but feeling very abandoned and unwanted (but he's an adult) creates one with help from some of Black Widows that is lethal. Thinking they are going to Janelle's house, Surreal and her Escort Ranier get caught in it with several landen children. The story was pretty bleh but Bishop has created these incredible characters that i always want to read about. I want to read about Daemon and Janelle's home life. I want to know about Lucivar. I liked the little short story about Surreal that was included. I'd love to read stories about some of the other Territory Queens that we met in Heir to the Shadows but so far there aren't any. I'd give it a 4 but i love the people so it gets a 5. Not a place to start for the series though.

once i get through some more of my own books i'll start on the Ephemera books by the same author.

Currently reading: library books, duh!


  1. Yep, I've heard that Tangled Webs doesn't have the best plot, but I want to spend more time with these characters too, so I don't care. I love them to bits. I'm been saving this until it was closer to the publication date of The Shadow Queen, but since that's next month already I guess it's time to read it!

  2. Library books are good. No harm in that. ^^


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