Movie and a Book

Today i went to see Coraline, in Eye Popping Real 3D as the commercials have been informing me. I really liked it. I went with R and he enjoyed it as well even though he hadn't read the book. I do prefer the book's ending but love the garden party they included in the movie. Stay for the credits if you do see the 3D version as they are quite funny. a 6.

I also finished a book for the World Citizen challenge: In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. I've never read any Bryson before and i found him funny, poignant and random, in a good way. It's about his travels through Australia, during which he dishes gobs of information: explorers, parliamentary procedure, massacres, botany, tourist traps, biology.
He visits lots of the big tourist attractions, as you'd expect, but also these small, unknown places. He goes to see the box jellyfish, stromatolite formations, tingle trees (giant eucalyptus..i think), parks and bars and used bookstores. He goes to places I'd go to see. His Australian friends and acquaintances are all charming, with amusing anecdotes on how they almost gotten eaten by a crocodile that one time. I've learned TONS! I had no idea how FAR away it is, nor how big, nor deadly. They've got shells that can kill you! The movie Open Water was inspired by events there. And I'm still not sure how Uluru (the big red rock) got out there. Hmm, wikipedia... So i'd love to go to Australia now. A 6.

randomness: Bryson mentions several times how Australia is just so out there that it is forgotten. when i went to the dewey decimal classification on wikipedia to find out if this book counted as history or memoir or culture/sociology i discovered it is technically under Geography and Travel: Other areas. as in, other than north america, south america, europe, africa and asia.....they didn't even give a whole continent it's own designation!


  1. I always feel like I'm the one person who doesn't benefit from 3D....

  2. This sounds really good! Poor Australia-that is weird it doesn't get its own category since it's a continent. :)

    The travel books are really hard to classify in the categories I came up w/ for the challenge. I should have just made travel its own category! Oh well-as long as people are reading, that's all that's important. :)

  3. Katie- 3D always works for me but i usually wear my contacts and have an awful time with rubbing my watery eyes. This time i wore my glasses and had no probs at all!

    Eva- I'm starting a memoir next, Unbowed by Wangari Maathai


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