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Here's another couple books down!

I read Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano. Or, really thoroughly skimmed it. I think it's a really good overview book. She gives a bunch of information about how to be green in your home, beauty routine, food, transport and entertainment. I thought it was an solid book with a range of tips from crazy ridiculous simple (kids don't need tons of plastic toys to have fun? clean with cloths instead of paper towels?) to pretty serious. The sections involving the chemicals to get rid of were great because i've never seen all of that listed specifically in one place. I do think this is a book more for girly girls. Shopping fiends, makeup collectors, etc. My friend D would love it while I, being a bit more crunchy shall we say, would get less out of a purchase. So for me, a 5.

I also finished Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. He's a big time physicist, one of the ones that is always on the Discovery or Science channel programs. He takes these difficult physics concepts and shows how they do, or do not, allow all sorts of "impossible" sci-fi things. He separates the impossibles into 3 categories: one we can't do yet but don't violate our current known physics, ones that are at the edge of what we currently understand, and ones that violate the known laws of physics. I thought it was incredible that only precognition and perpetual motion machines are the only things in that last category. Based on current trends, Kaku feels that teleportation, AI, and invisibility may be within our capacity in just decades. I learned about parallel universes, nanobots, space elevators, rail guns, dark energy and gravity waves. Really fascinating stuff, especially if you like sci-fi books/movies/tv, as Kaku demonstrates many concepts through their sci-fi source. a 6! Also, this book counts for the Science Book Challenge.

Which leads me to something else. I finally read the Kaku book because someone personally recommended it to me. Someone I've met and, umm, started Talking To. In that I've started Talking to Somebody, i feel like i should decide if he gets a letter? On one hand, i'm hesitant to give him a letter because i don't know when/if i'll ever actually have to reference him and i don't want to jump the gun on this one. On the other hand, someone I can talk to for literally 3 1/2 hours straight (and I'm not in high school) might be a person i'm going to be doing activities with in the future, which i may blog about, so why not give him his proper letter now? hmmmm. Decisions.


  1. I have looked at that book by Kaku at the library, and even seriously considered checking out last time I was there. Now if I go back to get it, it will have moved. (It was on the new book shelf)


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