Pictures post!

So I've been ill. Some kind of sinus infection issue. So this is a sort of catch up/catchall post!

First. I watched Hellboy 2 and liked it. Not awesome, but more fun than Hancock. I want to read the comics. A 5.

Second. Postcards! I am pretty sure I've not posted any of these.

So from the top left these are from: Papendrecht, Holland; Portsmouth, Great Britain; Budapest, Hungary; Cologne, Germany; Lithuania; and Budapest, Hungary again!

Third. I have new glasses!
Also, i am goofy.

Lastly. Had a yummy dinner.

Stuffed salmon from Trader Joe's, parmesean noodles, salad (eaten before picture taken) and Black Lager. mmmmmmm.


  1. I'm getting sick now. I'm in Florida helping my Grandmom, but I can feel the sickness going on...oy. Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Cute glasses!!! Yummy-lookin' dinner, and I hope you're feeling better.


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