Sorry to frighten anyone! I can't decide if this is cool or creepy. You can buy it off amazon for $17 if you're so inclined. I know if i lived somewhere further north I might be cool with it but thinking of someone wearing this in Nashville is shivery. in a bad way. i guess it is the fact that you can't tell if the guy is really smiling.

From BoingBoing by way of R.

So i am already hating the new shift. let's see, after 8 last night we had several minutes between our calls and after about 9:30 it stretched to 15 minutes or more. Look, i know i like it to be slow but the fact that it is so slow is proof that RP screwed up. meaning they don't need so many people that late at night. meaning they've messed up my lifestyle for no reason. errggggg.

I'm going to pimp for R for a moment. Visit his Etsy shop! Buy some lovely pictures of Nashville! Support small businesses!

My resolution about bread making is going wonderfully! Made a perfect loaf today, with which i made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. delicious!


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