I really really didn't like a book. i have revised down once already. Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan, gets a 3 from me. It does count for the YA challenge. I haven't read any other blogger reviews but the ones on amazon seem pretty positive so i guess i am on my own with this opinion. I just thought it was hard to get into, at least 50 pages too long, and had a sucky ending.

The basic story is that Liga, a young teen in a vaguely medieval/storyland setting, has a despicable father who keeps her trapped at her home. He also gets her pregnant. He dies, she has the baby (which is called a bab in this world, which i do like because it sounds vaguely Cajun), and starts to take a few tentative steps to having a life. Then something worse happens and she tries to kill her child and commit suicide when the good fairy intervenes. Liga, though she doesn't know it, gets sent to live in her own version of heaven.

So far, so good. Liga has a second child and raises her two daughters in her own beautiful world. Various good, bad or neutral people from the real world find their way into Liga's world. Eventually, Liga and her now adult daughters find their way out. The problem is that it is a book where not much happens and what does happen, after the really strong beginning, doesn't have any real emotional weight to it.

Had it had a happy ending i would have definitely liked it much better. It is relatively new so i don't want to be too spoilery but i was really rooting for Liga to find some happiness and i wasn't pleased with what did happen.

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  1. You were definitely not the only one not to like it..I've seen other reviews that were a lot less enthusiastic than mine. But as anyone could tell I really did love it :P

    I found the ending bittersweet...even though I would have liked to see what Liga was hoping for happen, for me it seemed to fit. And I didn't get the feeling that she wasn't going to be happy, you know? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your next read more!


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