Well, i didn't reread the Asimov novel, or start up any of its sequels. I read Mercedes Lackey's newest Valdemar novel, which for some reason she titled Foundation. I have to say, I'm really NOT impressed. I give it a 3.

Mainly the problem is that there is no original idea. We've got a young kid, Mags, who's a slave in a gem mine. He gets Chosen, is amazed about how nice everyone is and how it feels to be clean/warm/well-fed/safe. He starts school at the Collegium, where history and math are hard and weapons and riding are easy. He makes a couple friends. This summary actually covers about 90% of the book. I promise. The problem is that if you've read a few of the other Valdemar books you've read all of these instances before. And there's not enough new elements to make an actual book.

Seriously, read Take a Thief. Or Arrows of the Queen. Or By The Sword. Really, any of the others would be a bit better. Foundation is the first of a trilogy, of course, and i'll probably pick those up but i won't be rushing out to get them. Hooray for the library!


  1. Yeah, the Library is great at saving you from books that should have been great, but were not.


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