I would post a picture of my plants

But i can't because my camera won't take it. In the sense that the subject is too tiny. I have to back up so all you can see is an egg carton full of dirt. so i am posting a few pictures of what i am going to try to grow!

I'm growing plants! The zinnias had sprouted this morning when i went to water them and a pea plant is almost sprouted. i mean, the plant isn't up above the ground but it has pushed away all the soil above itself. No luck yet with the basil or thyme or the poppies. maybe today!

it is sleeting but i am definitely going to get out of the house and do something i really really shouldn't do. I am going to go look at a dog at the Humane Society. I'm NOTNOTNOT going to buy him. just look. I don't need a dog. I just miss Chloe.

currently: watching the Big East tournament.


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