Progressive Links

A big bunch of links!

An articulation of how progressives should view wealth. If only we could get others to think this way!

Cool shoes, bags and accessories! I'd love a Combover bag in Buckhorn Brown or the Overlap organic cotton bag in Sand. Just in case...

Article refuting the myths about atheists.

50 reasons to reject evolution
...vulgar and smarmy but very funny.

A much better Watchmen review than mine.

I don't have a child and have no plans to have one any time soon. But i am loving the Baby Essentials that Aren't series on Eco Child's Play. Part 6 is about baby brain boosters.

A question. A very scary question. Have we already started an environmental collapse?

A different question. At the beginning of January there were a flurry of posts about Peru intending to plant 40 million trees in just a few months time. These posts list the end of February as an end point of the project, yet i can't find anything about if they succeeded or not? Help?

Part of the reason
i'm really trying to eat more organic, local, etc.


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