So for Weekly Geeks this week we're to reaffirm our commitment to linking to other's reviews! I promise i'll do my best. I do normally if i remember reading a review on a specific site or if i come on a different person's review of a book i've already done. I hadn't even thought to do a search for a book that i'd read to see if other's had reviewed it until today. Several people wrote on their Geek post about how they do those searches. Props to Fyrefly for making up a whole searchable site thingy (ok the night shift is taking it's toll right now sorry) just for book blogs. I've gone back and linked to any i've found for the last month or so. Also, feel free to browse my archives and leave a comment that you've reviewed a book too! quick question far back would a review have to be that you wouldn't link to it? I have a tendency to read a big mix of older things and new ones so (like for Persepolis 2 or the Alice books) there are actually a lot of reviews, some of which are a few years back. do you say you're only going to link to 3, 5, 9 reviews and that's it?

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