So since i was so disappointed in Foundation I decided to reread Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey, the first Valdemar book i read. The fact that i found it for 2.50 at McKay's didn't hurt either.

So this book is about Vanyel. He's a talented musician but not a Bard. Unfortunately he's the firstborn son of a lord who wants Vanyel to be a big, strong, hack and slash fighter and not much else. After his father's armsmaster breaks his arm Vanyel is exiled to Haven were his aunt, Savil, is a high level Herald Mage. Vanyel falls in love with Tylendel, a young male Herald Mage his aunt trains. Bad things happen, people die, and Vanyel suddenly gains extraordinary powers and is Chosen. He is overwhelmed, depressed, suicidal and very ill. As the book ends, Vanyel begins learning to control his powers and begins to heal physically and psychologically. Again, this one is the first of a trilogy. It's a 5.

The reason i originally picked this up, way way back in like 2001, was because it feature a gay fantasy hero. Someone recommended a bunch of fantasy novels on a Harry Potter mailing list and listed Magic's Pawn with the caveat that it did involve a gay relationship. It isn't portrayed any differently than a straight relationship except that the characters worry about how Vanyel's father will react. Really though, with the plans Vanyel's father surely has for his son's marriage i would think any intense love interest would not be approved.

I've got 4 books from the library that i need to finish up and 2 more that i am working on. Maybe i'll see if i can get through at least 2 this weekend.

Currently: headachy...and watching Rachel Maddow.


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