Science is too cool!

Happy Square Root Day! And i got another one done for the Science Book Challenge.

I finished Phil Plait's Death From the Skies! It is a great book that i recommend highly. I read the author's Bad Astronomy blog and this book is in the same great style. Goofy and fun but full of facts. I like the blog because he's skeptical and even, dare i say, cynical but optimistic.

Death from the Skies! is about all the ways the universe can kill you. Asteroids, black holes, the sun, alien robots, time itself. Each chapter starts with a couple pages told from the point of view of someone experiencing the calamity. Then he gives you the science of the disaster, what might survive naturally, then what the human race can do to prevent or ameliorate the problem. I can't wait until we can move our whole planet to avoid the sun expanding! I think the best part is the second to last chapter where Plait discusses the end or death of the universe. He explains vast stretches of time and really counterintuitive happenings. And, lest you get too worried, his last chapter is a nice summary of the book, including a table denoting the real likelihood of each thing happening. Really, only asteroids and solar flares are any sort of real threat. Whew!

So i am 2/3 the way through the Science Book Challenge. I really need to work on a few others. hmmm.


  1. this sounds really cool, although maybe a bit depressing? I think it'll go on my list anyway though! :-)


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