Watchmen was Stupendous!

Really, really good. a complete 7. Go see it! I am a fan of the comic, though i only read it a few years ago. So I am not going to summarize much. If you've read it, you know what it's about and if you haven't, all you need to know is that it's a dark look at what superheroes could be. The beginning is great. i mean, like the beginning of The Dark Knight was great. Soundtrack, with one little goofy exception, was great; I can't imagine how much they had to pay to get some of the songs. Effects were fabulous. Rorschach was perfection, as was Dr. Manhattan. The ending is a bit different but i actually kinda liked it better. There were only couple of things that i didn't like. The woman who plays Silk Spectre sounds EXACTLY like Natalie Portman, so much so that it was kinda creepy. Oszymandias' accent is weird and iffy in that it kinda goes in and out.

I saw it on IMAX, of course, and it was sold out, of course. I got sandwiched between a heavy, older comics fan and a heavy, young guy who didn't know anything about the comic and who's girlfriend kept whispering to him. so this was probably the first time i saw a movie and wasn't even able to share an armrest. I spent about half the movie leaning forward with my elbows on my knees just to get some space. guess that's what happens when i go to movies alone. :(

Changing lanes, I also finished up Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll yesterday. I enjoyed it but probably for different reasons than i would have as a child. As a child, i would have liked the fantasy/adventure aspects. As a grown up, i found the language, the puns, the plays on words, delicious. I would actually like to read it aloud, or have it read to me because i think it would be even better. a 6! And a 1K1 book! And a YA Challenge book!

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  1. How funny that you mentioned the cost of music. One of my friends that I attended with leaned over to me early in the movie to say the same thing. I thought the music was fantastic. As were so many things about the film. I'm glad I saw it right away opening weekend and I'm very pleased with the results of their work. I hope it does well.

  2. oh yeah. i mean, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, KC and the Sunshine Band, Joplin and Hendrix! yummy.


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