I seem to be able to get through easy stuff right now. Kids books and graphic novels seem to be what i feel like readin. I finished up Y: The Last Man Book One by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra today at work. I got it from McKay's a couple weeks ago for like $11, weirdly just a couple days after the LOST episode where Hurley was reading it. I happened to get the deluxe edition, so it is actually the first two books of the graphic novel series.

Yorick is broke, just out of college, and an escape artist. He's training a helper monkey he's named Ampersand. He's got a hot girlfriend, Beth, who's on walkabout in Australia. Suddenly, all the other males on the planet apparently die, rather horribly. As far as the the readers are aware, all the male humans and animals die within a few moments, except Yorick and Ampersand. We're given a couple of theories as to why this happens: cloning and an ancient Arabian secret necklace. Yorick travels to Washington, DC, where his mom is a representative of Ohio. He picks up a bodyguard, the very kick ass super agent 355, and we follow their travels across the east coast to a doctor who may be able to unlock why Yorick survives. Oh, and he wants to get to Australia to get back his girlfriend.

I liked it and am really glad that the library has the rest of these books! So far the monkey seems a bit of a gimmick and i wonder why society collapses when the men die. I mean, i get that the survivors would be suffering from extreme trauma and grief but the book takes place over a few months. You'd think we'd be able to get our shit together by then. Does the author really think that, without men, women would fall into some kind of Mad Max mindset? I mean, there'd be half as many people therefore twice as many resources. Why would women be starving after just a couple months? Sure, some segments of society would take bigger hits than others; the book mentions some statistics on pilots, CEO's, cops. I just feel like the book has us going so crazy so fast. But i am willing to go along for the ride for now.


  1. I've been a little bit interested in this series buy have not read any of it yet. You raise a good question. At this point it's hard to think of a profession that is so male dominated that it would collapse completely without men to do it.

    Though it might be a problem in some parts of the world, I think the U.S. would be fine. For a generation anyway.


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