1984 and Bookmarks

Last night i finished up 1984 by George Orwell. 1984 is one of the first dystopian novels. I read it in middle school i believe but only remembered that it was about a guy who falls in love, gets caught, and it had an unhappy ending. I missed all the political stuff back then.

I don't know what i thought of it then but this time i loved it. It is so appropriate for our times. I can't even begin to say how much this book affected me. Read it! a 7! I understand V for Vendetta and a few other things a bit more now as well.

Chris from Book-a-Rama's review, Jocelyn from Teen Book Review, Maree from Just add Books.

Also, I'm doing Mari's bookmarks contest! here's my picture.

So on the left you see some of my Chocolate Frog cards. They make great bookmarks for any size book and are laminated so don't bend. Next are a couple receipts, from Borders and from the library. I frequently end up using receipts as bookmarks as they are quite convenient. Up at the top are some little magnet bookmarks: they are little folds with magnets between them to clip on the book. The advantage is that if you tip the book up your bookmark doesn't fall out. The brown one in the middle is metal and says "The greatest power is often simply patience- E Joseph Cossman". I'm working on the patience thing. The large one next is a post card. I'm on postcrossing and get these from all over the world. They are nice to use for library hardbacks. and you get to look at pretty pictures from other countries. Lastly is one i got a couple weekends ago in Atlanta at the King Tut exhibit. I usually get magnets from touristy places by my fridge is starting to get full so i am switching to bookmarks for a while. Across the bottom is a BookThong, another different form for a bookmark.


  1. I use postcards, too! I should have added those to my picture. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Orwell. And your bookmarks are great!


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