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There are only a few copies of this series at my library, which is making me want to splurge and buy them and read VERY VERY carefully then return them. Oh well. I know i'd end up keeping them and i don't have an extra $100. I guess i'll just have to be patient. Y: The Last Man, Vol 3: One Small Step by Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra continues the story of Yorick, his escort/bodyguard agent 355, and Dr. Mann. The first part of volume three involves returning astronauts, the Israeli army, a Russian operative and twins! The second portion Ampersand has an adventure on his own with a theater troupe and joins back up with the humans at the end.

so it is hard to talk about this one without being too spoiley. The best way to say it is that i am conflicted. the second section is ok; i'm not talking about that. The first part, though, was great but i didn't want the events to occur as they did. I was really into the story and it is a fast moving plot with great characters. a 5.

Also, i so want Yorick to end up with 355! forget his perfect blond model girlfriend in Australia. 355 is cool. If i had to go through some awful horrible End of the World type shit i'd want her along. And Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo and Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower series. Oh and Sawyer from LOST. cause he's cute.

I'm also posting for BTT today!

1) YUP

2) technically 4, but really 2. I'm really working on two of them and i've got 2 more that i am reading a page or two out of now and then

3) actually yes it is normal.

4) in my school bag, on the floor next to my couch, on my bedroom floor.

Currently: glad all this tornado crap went around me.


  1. It's great that that is working for you.. unfortunatly I tried it and unless it's a short story.. I get confused!


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