Catching up on Life

So i haven't posted in a week or so for a few reasons. I had a bit of a blow in my personal relationship life that's just made me bleh for the last little while. I was really stupid and should have known better than to try to open up and trust someone. I shouldn't have bothered to try to do things because it's always going to end the same. Badly.

On a better note, the other reason i haven't posted is that i was in Atlanta with my mom, brother and sister. We saw the King Tut exhibit which was really cool. It wasn't too busy but as it ends May 17 i bet it will be busier going forward. I definitely recommend it if you're going to be in Atlanta the next few weeks. One warning though, a few of the big famous artifacts, including some they use in the ads for the exhibit, are not there. You aren't going to see the gold sarcophagus or mask. We also went to Medieval Times, just because. It was a fun outing. The jousting at the Renaissance festival is more accurate but of course at Medieval Times it was more dramatic, with splintering lances and drama between the knights. Our knight won! other than that, we just hung out together, got kicked out of a bar (sorta, it was a bar and grill but they go only over-21 after 6 pm and my sister is only 14), talked and relaxed.

So i am going to outline a bit of what is up in May for me...a whole bunch of stuff! May 4th i've got tickets to Death Cab for Cutie. May 8th is a Full Moon evening hike at Edwin Warner park, which i'll be going to unless it rains. I found out about it through May 9th I've got tickets to Darwin in Malibu. The Tennessee Renaissance Festival is every weekend in May but I'll be going on May 16th because that is Pirate Invasion Weekend. W00T! I get to pick up my first CSA box on May 23rd and if i'm lucky i'll have another 4 day weekend for Memorial Day. I am sure i'll be at a barbecue or a lake or something then. Then May 29th I've got tickets for Beethoven's 9th at the symphony. And there's a Medieval artifacts exhibit at the Frist Museum i need to catch because it leaves soon. Let's see...May 2nd is open! Plus i may decide to go back to doing yoga, I really want to do a few more things on Meetups, or even volunteer somewhere.

And i haven't even started talking about movies: Wolverine, Star Trek, UP, Terminator, The Brothers Bloom, Angels and Demons, and Little Ashes. And the Belcourt has a few cool things too. And i owe my friends a sushi dinner. And i need to get my balcony garden set up. And i need to work on my reading challenges.

Maybe i should join up for NaBloPoMo for May. I'll certainly have plenty to write about!


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