edamame at midnight

So working the night shift i have breakfast when i wake up, lunch or some sort of snack about 2:30, dinner at work about 8 or 8:30. so that means when i get home at 12:15 sometimes i'm hungry but i don't particularly want/need a whole meal. Sweets are ok but i hate eating dessert so late. I've found one of the best snacks so late is edamame! It takes maybe 5 mins to make, is filling, is great for a salt craving and also healthy. It takes several minutes to eat since you have to nibble the beans out of the pod which is good as it give you time to actually register you've eaten.

I've joined a CSA! beginning on May 23 i'll be getting a batch of fresh, organic veggies every week. Here's the farm site. I've decided i'm going to be sure to try everything, even if i think i don't like it. I realized that i haven't tried a lot of things since i was a child, so i very well may like radishes, beets or turnips now. After all, i just found out last week i like cucumbers after all. so i'll try anything. except raw onions. i know for sure i don't like those. Interested in finding a farm in your area? in the USA, check out Local Harvest.

This week's Weekly Geeks is about cookbooks. here's a couple pictures of mine.
My kitchen wall.

a close up.

i don't buy many cookbooks; there are too many awesome websites online. The vegetarian/vegan ones i purchased several years ago when i was mostly vegetarian. My mom got me the Hershey's/Tollhouse ones and i don't know if i've cooked anything out of either. I got the Rachel Ray one for like $5 in a bargain bin. I like paging through ones with lots of pictures as it helps you figure out what your cooking should turn out like but not every recipe needs it's own picture. With the CSA subscription mentioned above i might end up using those veggie ones more as i try to cook with some different ingredients.

currently: sleepy


  1. Those are really cute shelves! :D

  2. Hey, cool for you! I have learned that there are so many things I love that I wouldn't have learned without being brave and giving them a try.

    Great bookshelves for your cookbooks!

  3. Clearly, it's been said already, but I have to add "wow" on those shelves. I love them!

    Working a shift like that can definitely compromise cooking time, but I love the edamame idea. It's a great idea.


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