My Inner Fish

And inner worm, fly, mouse, etc. Your Inner Fish, by Neil Shubin, is an excellent little book about evolution. Shubin is an anatomist and paleontologist whose team discovered a "missing link" fish that walked. He traces various organs, systems and anatomical oddities from their origins in fish, sponges, worms, etc to how they function (or in some cases dysfunction) in humans. He intersperses the evolution bits with stories of fossil hunting, lab research, and planning expeditions. The best things about this book are the drawings and diagrams. To follow the bones of the arm from lizards, dinosaurs, through birds, seals and humans it great. To see how the structure of the eye has developed (including what the creature with each eye could see) is wonderful. This book is a 6 and is my final one for the Science Book Challenge! Whee!

I'm also going to post for BTT today!

Umm, i read gobs and gobs of library books. The above book is from the library. Of the books i've read this year 16 have been from the library. I go by my local one (a mile maybe from my apartment) at least once a week. I do feel guilty sometimes when i have a book that has a big hold list so i try to read it quickly. My local one is a modern building with one whole wall of 2 story windows but other than that it isn't too special. The Nashville Library downtown is gorgeous!

Here's the main library reading room. I couldn't find a picture of the entrance which is a beautiful 2 story hall...kinda like that one in Matrix Reloaded.

And from flickr, a picture of the statue outside the library. it's GIANT!


  1. Wow, I like your library, especially that statue :)

  2. Thanks. It's more impressive in person.


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