Northanger Abbey

I finished up Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen today courtesy of DailyLit. This e-book counts for the Classics Challenge and also gives me 1 more read for 1K1! It is the story of Catherine Morland, an 17 year old girl, and how she finds a husband. It was ok but not up to Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice. i give it a 4.

Since this book is a pretty standard classic, I'm going to talk a bit about DailyLit. About a year ago i tried it out and didn't like it. I think the reason i wasn't happy with the serivce then was the choice of book; i tried Homer's Odyssey and something by Plato. Verse and thick prose are not the best choices for tidbit reading; right about the time i'd really figure out what was being said i'd reach the end of the installment. A couple months ago i decided to try it again, starting with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, an 11 installment short story. Since i was able to read that ok, i did some Poe shorts and handled that well. Wanting to try something a little more challenging i picked Northanger Abbey (92 installments) and also figured out how to double the length which helped too. I'm starting Persuasion tomorrow.

Blue Archipelago's Review, Bookling's, Melissa's from Book Nut, and Nymeth's. There really are lots more though!

Several people also commented on my bookshelf picture for my cookbooks. They are invisible bookshelves and hold up to 15 lbs. The bottom book has to be hardback but otherwise any type of book works. Amazon has them to order and i know Barnes and Nobles sells them in store. Look over in the bookends and writing implements.


  1. I read Northanger Abbey many, many years ago. It has been long enough that I do not remember a lot about it, just bits and pieces. I do remember enjoying it and wish it would get the big time Hollywood period treatment like other Jane Austen books have. I guess I do need to watch the recent BBC version.

    thanks for the info about your shelves. They were very cool, great idea!


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