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So i finished an excellent book last night. Let the Right One In is by John Ajvide Lindqvist, a Swedish author. I saw the movie late last year and loved it. All i can say is that the book is even better. The basic story is simple. Oskar, an almost teenaged boy, lives with his mother in Sweden. He's bullied constantly and dreams of revenging himself on his tormentors. He meets Eli, a young girl who moves in next door, and everything in his life changes.

Because Eli is a 200 year old vampire.

In the book we learn a lot more information about the people around the story. All the adults are ineffectual; some are alcoholics, the teachers seem to ignore/be blind to what Oskar is going through. The children bully, steal, get high, and hide to try to cope with their lives. Oskar is left to navigate the world alone until Eli comes along and opens his eyes.

It is so dark, and lonely, and achingly sad. at a few points i actually found myself crying. You feel so deeply for all the characters. Even Hakan, a pedophile in Eli's thrall, the one character of any you think no one would feel sorry for, is so pitiful and pathetic. what is weird, what makes this story so effective, is that it has a happy ending.

So this is a 7. and one down for the Chunkster Challenge! Yay!

I really really want to read more by this author! Only one other of his books is available in English, Handling the Undead, but as i'd have to get it from either Australia or the UK i supposed i'll have to wait. :( i mean, i'm totally willing to buy the book, i just don't know that i can afford cost plus shipping. *sigh*

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  1. So weird...I just started this book last night! I'm only 150 pages in so far, but it really is fantastic!! Great review :)

  2. I don't know that I could get into another Vampire book after Twilight.

    I still have, what, 3 more books to read there.

    BUT I just may check this out per your recommendation!

  3. Ooh this sounds great! The only other Swedish author I've read is Majgull Axelsson, April Witch was the title, it was fantastic! I'll check this one out too, thanks!

  4. I'm posting a review of this one next week. I also loved it. It's too bad that more literature in translation isn't available in the U.S. There's so much fun stuff out there.

  5. Chris, Katie and Joanna: I hope you all like it! It really is nothing like Twilight. The vampire isn't glamorous and isn't vegetarian. She's more like Claudia from Interview with the Vampire.

    CB: I guess we should feel lucky that not everything is in english. My TBR is tooooo big as it is.


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