14 May 2009

Btt for 5/14 and Contagious

First, BTT.

I am not awful about buying books but i definitely don't wait until i'm "out" of stuff to read either. I wander McKay's a good bit and pick up stuff on my mental list of books i want. I am bad about adding things on my library hold list. now that they've cut everyone to 10 holds only i have to ration. I tend to have a few on there that are new books on order or have a bunch of holds on them. then i need a couple spots open for random things i need to read.

Secondly, i finished Contagious by Scott Sigler today. I think this one is better than the first but still a 5. Nice to see a duo of a series instead of a trilogy or more though. There is an opening for a sequel though. It's in the title so not a spoiler but in this book we see a contagious strain of the triangle infection. We find out where the disease is coming from and get lots of fighting and explosions and gunfire. Perry becomes a good guy and there are some pretty touching scenes at the end. and some really gross infection scenes. Not bad but not for those with weak stomachs!

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