I am done with Click! The tag line is One Novel, Ten Authors. There are several that i'd read before including Nick Hornby, Margo Lanagan, and Eoin Colfer. Each author contributes a chapter of the overall story. They are really a series of linked short stories. That makes some shorts very different from others. It's not a bad book at all though. It's for a good cause even! The profits are going to Amnesty International.

The tale begins with Maggie, a young girl, mourning her grandfather Gee. George Keane, as he is known to the world, is a famous photographer. He leaves Maggie a gift of a box full of shells and instructions to "throw them all back". She discovers that they are all from different continents. His gift isn't a gift, it is a quest, one that will carry her through the rest of her life.

Only a few of the stories directly involve Maggie's quest. We find out who made the box, the stories of how Gee picked up some of the shells, how Maggie's brother Jason handles Gee's death and even some surprises that twist off into the fantasy realm. This book is about all the little people and interactions that build up a life. i really liked it. a 6!

Nymeth's review, Adventures in Reading, Miss Erin. If i missed your's let me know. I had to search by "Click Colfer Hornby" to pull anything up.

I am counting this for the YA challenge and the OUaT3 for the fantasy elements.


  1. I've just had a "wow" moment. Margo Lanagan wrote one of the chapters in Click!?? I didn't know her yet back then, and I can't remember it at all. Worse, I read a library copy so I can't even check!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did too, and clearly need to read it again :P

  2. She wrote the second to last chapter, the one that took place in Australia. The girl narrator is annoyed to be on vacation with all her "rellies". Looking it up, i just saw she is from Australia!


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