Fables 3 and 4

Got through two more volumes of the Fables series. I am really loving this one. In Volume 3: Storybook Love we have a couple of one-shots that bookend the bigger, series-moving story. A newspaper reporter thinks he's going to be able to expose the Fables so we get "A Two-Part Caper". We find out where Goldilocks has been and new schemes start to get Snow and Bigby. Prince Charming does a great thing, even if it is just for stupid selfish reasons. This part is a 5.

In Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers, the Adversary launches an invasion. The Fables must come together and fight with their various powers to stop him. It has some awesome fighting and the dialogue is great. Boy Blue's tale of the last boat out of storyland is heartbreaking. This is the best volume so far. a 7. I am worried i'm going to have to collect this one too. Damn! More books to buy.

I love some of the ideas in this series. The fact that Billingham makes the handsome prince from the tales the SAME handsome prince, thereby turning him into a playboy, is hilarious. Yes, ok, i'm in love with Bigby Wolf and yes, it is at least partially because he's a bit of a Wolverine clone. Forgive me. Snow White, the Disney heroine i hate second most (don't get me started on the Little Mermaid, i have a pretty specific rant) transforms into a strong, independent leader. Bluebeard's a rich rake, Goldilocks has some issues from sleeping with those bears for so long, Pinocchio wishes to meet the fairy that made him real again to kick it's ass for leaving him a little boy. It is just a really fun story to read!


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