I love my doggie!

Her name is Chloe and she is just over two years old. She's a black lab mix, probably with some Border collie thrown in, which we can tell by the way she runs. R and I got her just a few months before...I moved out. I say we have joint custody! I have her for the holiday weekend because R is visiting relatives in Ohio. She's very sweet and close to perfect. Chloe is a cuddler (but not a licker) and a jumper but doesn't bark. she's not too small nor too large at about 45 pounds. She's alert and loves to swim. This is her favorite spot in my house.
for some reason, she also likes curling up under my dining room table, coiling herself around the pedestal and the chair legs.

It doesn't show in these pictures but she has tons of energy and loves to run. We took a long walk yesterday morning at Radnor Lake and we were quite sleepy in the late afternoon. I took a nap too!

While her main interests include playing fetch, running in circles, and looking outside, she has a habit at my house of digging into plants. Hence, unless i am paying close attention, I must leave the porch door closed. I'm sure she is thinking "hmm, i think i remember that Gerber daisies are good..."

She has also discovered squirrels. For some reason she wants to chase them but is only mildly interested in birds. I am not sure what she would do if she managed to catch a squirrel. She's also very friendly; the kids at Radnor Lake loved her. Even the one who said "she's stinky!" kept right on rubbing her ears.

In a way, it's nice to have a dog part time. You don't have to share a bed most nights or take early morning bathroom walks. On the other hand, it is nice to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or to have a great excuse to take an extra lap at the park. She comes over and lays her head next to you for a rub to be cuddled. She still does goofy puppy things, like chase her own tail or try to climb up on your lap to be held, so she's a great source of laughs. Even though it was a really bad period in my life, i'm really glad we got her.


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