I've been inspired

by my wallet and by Andi! I have a bunch of books that i own but haven't read. Seriously, based on my Librarything list i have about 80 or so i haven't read. Various things get in the way, like library books and recommendations and and the fact is i keep buying more! soooo, while i'm not going to do a full challenge of it like Andi, i am NOT going to buy or request any more from the library until i read 20 of my own. The exception (because there must be one) is that if i see the Sandman graphic novels i'm missing i can buy those and i can get Fables and Y: The Last Man from the library as i read them. Not counting those comics, right now i've actually got eight other books on request. and i have 8 more from the library i need to finish up. No real rules otherwise that i am going to follow. any order, any length, whatever i feel like reading....though Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will probably be on the top of my list!

Updated: oh, i forgot another exception! I'm in a couple yahoo reading groups, so if i join in on any of the group reads (as i'm guessing doing 20 plus my library holds will be a couple months at least) i can pick up those ONLY from the library.


  1. You have 80 that you haven't read? Don't I wish :p According to my LibraryThing, I own over 250 books that I haven't read, lol! Seriously, I need help. I think this is a fantastic idea! I may do it myself. No bookmooching or buying until I've read 20 of my own...I'm not committing myself yet though, just saying it's a good idea ;)


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