Magic's Promise

Today i reread Magic's Promise by Mercedes Lackey. It picks up the story of Vanyel, a powerful Herald-Mage, about 12 years after Magic's Pawn. After spending a year filling in along the Karsite border that should be covered by five Heralds, Vanyel and Yfandes are exhausted. They go to visit Vanyel's parents and family. While visiting his family won't be stress free, Vanyel should be able to rest and recover and not use magic for a few months. However, after being there a few weeks, Yfandes "hears" a Companion's cry for help in another kingdom nearby. They rush to help and become embroiled in politics and magical intrigue.

I still love Vanyel. While occasionally you want to shake him until he relaxes, he's a great person. It really really really annoys me that a few of the Amazon reviews basically say "well i would have like this book but the character is GAY!" ridiculous. and really sad in this day and age. but i'm not going to go on a gay rights rant! no ranting! This is a 6. and although it's a reread i'm counting it for Once Upon a Time 3.


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