Media Overload!

2 movies and a play in the last 24 hours!

The first movie was a DVD, 30 Days of Night. Decent, not awesome, horror. Nice to see gross, blood sucking vampires. Basically, vampires invade a town so far north they have a full month of darkness. Survivors band together, sneak, hide, get picked off one by one. I feel the movie had more potential than they show. One character says something like "we live up here (so far north) because we 're the only ones who can. we know this town and we know the cold" but then the only real way they use their knowledge is to sneak around when the blizzards come. i guess i expected more fighting and less hiding and being very quiet. a 4.

Secondly, this afternoon i saw a conversation at TPAC. Darwin in Malibu is a play, one great big conversation of a play. Darwin is living in Malibu, California, with Sarah, a beachcombing hippie chick. Aldous Huxley and Bishop Wilberforce drop by. See, the Bishop feels the reason he's not in heaven is because he still needs to convert Darwin back to Christianity and feels Huxley might help him. It's a comedy that deals with pretty weighty philosophy. I'm mulling a line Darwin has that heaven is being happy where you are. Very Buddhist. I really enjoyed it. R did as well. it runs through May 16 if you happen to be in Nashville. Highly recommended! a 6.
Here's the Tennessean's blurb about it.

Lastly, Star Trek is a 7! Admittedly i am not a major Trek fan. I know the general characters and world structure. I've seen several of the movies and most of the original and Next Generation episodes but none of the other spin offs. Kirk was crazy-cool. Spock (is that his first or last name?) is great. I personally like the twist they took for this movie though i know some of the big fans do not. Plenty of action, nice gloss of characters. Another i recommend.


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