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I finished up Mark Bittman's Food Matters today. It is sort of a diet book but not really. It is really a how-to book for people who've read things by Michael Pollan. With great sounding recipes! It is a very simple idea. Don't eat crap. If you eat mainly veggies, fruit and whole grain, with a touch of meat now and then, you'll have a hard time eating too many calories. Some of the statistics were startling. I had no idea how much soda normal people drink. I have an occasional coke when i'm eating out and i keep a 6 pack in my cabinet for others to drink when they come over. But for many people sodas comprise 7% of their calories.

He also talks about why eating like people did for thousands of years is lighter on the earth. it takes 2200 calories of energy to make 1 can of DIET soda. seriously. fruits and veggies and rice and beans aren't packaged with much and aren't processed much either. Meat is a bit less ridiculous but seriously inefficient. and not very nice.

Should a book I intend to buy automatically be a 7? I'm provisionally giving a 6 but i may revise my rating if the recipes are as good as they look!

I thought i'd post a few pictures of my balcony garden. Here's before

and here it is now.

and a couple of inside views.

I am growing peas, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers, several flowers, basil, dill, and thyme. I want to get a mint plant and then that is it.


  1. I hope you'll let us know how the recipes are. I've heard of the eat food, mostly plants and not too much diet but I need some menus. Does he include menus?

    Your garden looks terrific.

  2. Awesome! This book sounds like one I'd like to try out. And I love the pics of your balcony garden!

  3. CB- some menus are in the book. I liked that because it even includes dessert every day!

    and much thanks to you both for saying the garden looks nice!


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