My First CSA Box!

I don't know if i'll keep taking pictures of the box each week but I was so stunned this morning i had to share! I had to go buy some of those jumbo ziploc bags to get this into my fridge!

My half of the strawberries! I am going to try to make some shortcake tonight to go with them.

Ok, these are green onions. I had no idea these could grow so large! The knife is there for some perspective.

I am not much of a proper Southern woman. I didn't know which were the collard greens and which was the red russian kale. I didn't want to ask when i picked up the box so i had to look up some pictures when i got home! Besides those greens and the onions and strawberries i got lettuce and broccoli. R is getting half the box when he gets back...if i can keep myself from eating all the strawberries anyway! maybe i'll just let him have them next week. hmmm.

Our box is from Delvin Farms, in nearby College Grove, TN
Local Harvest is a great site for finding farms and farmer's markets. Here's their bit about CSAs.
The Eat Well Guide is a good site too!
Currently: kinda hungry!


  1. Ooooh that looks yummy! Um...what's a CSA box? I have to look for them here!

  2. We've a similar service locally. I'll have to check it out now that I see what you've got in yours.

  3. Chris- it's Community Sponsored Agriculture. Basically a farmer sells share of his farm for a set rate. When you buy one you get produce for a set amount of time (mine is through late October, loooong growing season in TN) and whatever is ready at a the time you get. some around here do meat or eggs as well. if the farm has a bad year you get less, a good year you might get more. It helps the farm because they get a money up front without having to get a loan.


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