The Partly Cloudy Patriot

As an impulse, I picked up The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell from the library this past weekend. It is a short book of Vowell's essays. I've seen her on The Daily Show and thought she was quite funny. Her essays are not disappointing. They are funny, insightful, liberal and reflective. First published in 2003, several of the essays focus on the 2000 election and the aftermath of September 11. Whether she's reflecting on her penchant for death-filled vacation locations or how ridiculous it is for people to compare themselves to Rosa Parks, Vowell never becomes caustic and never looses her good heartedness. I give this collection a 5.

I love her covers. They are all great but i'll only post this one for now. I expect to keep reading her work as time allows me!


  1. LOVE THIS BOOK! It's the only Vowell offering I've read thus far (have The Wordy Shipmates on my stacks), but I so so so loved it. Loved. It's one I would definitely re-read as well.


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