Y again

I would so be done with this series if my library had 2 copies of each book! I just read volume 4 of Y: The Last Man: Safeword by Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra. I should have book 5 in a couple days but book 6 is out of the library until June 1. Maybe they'll read it fast. I give this volume a 6.

I liked this one the best of the books so far. There are two stories in this one. In the first, 355 and Dr. Mann have to get some antibiotics for Ampersand so leave Yorick with a friend of 355's, agent 711. Yorick then has to face his inner demons and realize why he's a bit impulsive where danger is concerned. In the second, we find out that they've been on the road for about a year now! They've made it to Arizona and have to fight a militia group, the Sons of Arizona, who are blocking all traffic on I 40 because they feel the government caused the men to die. Interesting twist at the end of this one as well.


  1. I want to read this series, but I don't think my library has any of 'em. Drat! We'll see if I have the patience to ILL them.

  2. Good luck. You can always just get the first to see if it is something you like.


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