Y part 7

Y: The Last Man Volume 7: Paper Dolls is ok. I'm not sure why it has Paper Dolls as the title. We have some backstory for 355 and Ampersand, including why he has that name! Yorick and 355 search for Beth in Sydney and get caught up with a tabloid reporter. Hero delivers a letter to flight attendant/Catholic church caretaker Beth. The Israeli chick shows up in Washington DC again. Things happen but this book is really disjointed between one story and another. I mean, it makes sense, because we're smack in the middle of the series and we need some of this information. I just wish we could have gotten 355's story a few books ago. It was really the kind of set that should have been split between volume 6 and 8. Oh well. a 4 and i'm on hold for the next one!


  1. I checked these out from my library since you had such high praise for them. I'm currently waiting for part 5. They are lots of fun so far.

  2. woo! I've infected someone else with Last Man Loooove!


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