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another reason i'm not religious this is just crazy. Who Knew?

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so I finally finished Libba Bray's The Sweet Far Thing. And i really do mean finally....i got in back in February, listened to about 4 cd's in 6 weeks, took it back, got it again in April and am finally through!!! The problem is it is simply too long. for a story that mainly takes place over about 4 months it just drags and drags.

The story itself isn't bad. We pick up with Gemma and her pals as they prepare for their debuts and their first social season. Gemma cannot figure out how to enter the realms, though she still holds the Temple magics. Various factions want Gemma to cooperate with them. Ms. McCleathy wants Gemma to give the power to the Order, the Rakshana want the power for themselves. Things don't improve once Gemma can return to the Realms. Pippa is getting really weird; the tribes are pushing to be given magic themselves; the Winterlands creatures are stirring. To top it all off, Gemma's having visions of an unknown woman and also hearing Circe speaking to her. And Kartik returns!

Again, it's not a bad story. i listened on audio and there were several sections i felt could have been chopped out completely. There's too much about Gemma feeling lonely, not fitting in. Felicity has too many subplots going on for sure! The last 2 cds really get much better as things move along to the final battle. Overall, it is a 4 and i'd give the series a 5. This one counts as my last book to OUaT3!


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