A Doll's House

I'm not sure how to count this one! I read A Doll's House, a play by Henrik Ibsen. As it is 72 pages i feel it should count as a book. I really recommend it. The basic story is about Nora and Torvald, a married couple with a few children. We find that money has been tight for them but now Torvald has an upcoming promotion which will send those troubles away. We also find out as Nora speaks to her friend Mrs. Linde that Nora had borrowed money from an employee at Torvald's bank named Krogstad. She had done that because Torvald was gravely ill. now the employee wants to blackmail Nora into convincing Torvald to let him keep his job at the bank.

it sounds way more complicated than it is. really, the plot just serves to set up the relationships. How wife and husband interact, how female friends relate, how men and women interact. It makes me want to scream, how Torvald treats Nora. She sneaks cookies because Torvald doesn't approve of her eating sweets. he calls her little pet names because that is all she is to him. I don't want to give away the ending but it is startling. I highly recommend it! a 7!


  1. LOVE this play! It's one of my favorites, and I always teach it in my Intro to Lit courses. It generally starts a war of the sexes between the guys and girls. Lots of fun.


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