Drag Me To Hell

Went with a couple friends last night to see Drag Me To Hell. Loved it! it's a 6.

The plot is pretty simple. A nice bank loan officer makes a rough decision to kick an old gypsy woman, t
hat they've given extensions to before, out of her house. Old gypsy woman curses the nice girl. Girl starts hearing and seeing things, finds out about the curse, and tries to stop it. The twists are pretty obvious but enjoyable.

Sam Raimi is soooo uber cool though. He doesn't go for splattery blood horror but creepy gross horror. The car scene where the main character gets cursed is fun and drippy and actiony and awesome. The big seance scene rocks! If only one of the evil beings had squealed "dead by dawn!" lol. I'd love for Raimi and Robert Rodriguez to do Grindhouse 2!


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