Halfway through the Year update

as of 6/20
Total: 69

Non-fiction: 19

Library: 49
(i signed up for the 50 book challenge at the 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge so i'm going to finish one up within the next few days)

9 for 09 challenge: 1/9
Classics Challenge: 3/5
OUaT3: 5/5
also done!
1% Challenge: 5/10

I think that's all of the challenges i'm working on so far. I feel like i've forgotten one! I had been saving this post for July 1 but hey, it works for Geeks this week! I'm 28/59 overall so i'm literally about halfway. I like challenges and enjoy trying to finish them. I also don't sweat if i don't. I think it does give me ideas of categories to read. I would not read so much Young Adult fiction if i hadn't started the YA challenge last year. I wouldn't have really tried to tackle reading Shakespeare if not for that challenge this year. In fact, I may go read one aloud with a Shakespeare group soon. The Classics and 1% are helpful for working on the 1001 List and, by reading other's reviews, gives me ideas for what other ones from the list i may enjoy.

as for favorite ones...that's hard to say! I like the Science Book Challenge because it's an under read category i feel. Also, you write reviews for an actual wiki site for science books! Carl's challenges are always fun and very community-oriented. He's so good at getting people together and communicating. Not that i don't enjoy all of the ones i sign up for!


  1. Wow, you are a part of so many challenges I have never heard of. I will have to follow your links.

  2. I thought i was only hitting bigger ones! cool!

  3. Anonymous24/6/09 07:46

    NOW look what you (and Book Nut) made me do! Thanks a lot! LOL


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