I'd like to read more Vowell, please!

Ok an amazingly funny quote, one that is particularly apt in TN.
But I fear that the consumer who buys a Confederate flag coffee cup, which she will then put on her American flag place mat, is the sort of sophisticated thinker who is open-minded enough that she is capable of hating blacks and Arabs at the same time.
Lovely. These lines are from Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. She's completely ruining my intentions to not get library books! This book has been my favorite of hers so far.

While touring around to see various places that had something to do with the first three presidential assassinations (Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley) may not be for everyone, Vowell make it sound pretty fun. She goes to the sites where the murder occured, to the places the presidents died, to where the assassins ran to, even to the spot Roosevelt was when he became president. Who knew that there are bits of Lincolns skull and Booth's sternum in museums? While the bulk of the book deals with Lincoln (as it should) i found the parts about Garfield and McKinley more interesting. I guess because i knew so little about them. I didn't know that Theodore Roosevelt became president due to assassination. She's made me want to read biographies now, especially one of Roosevelt.

She also does a great job of connecting history to current events. I knew nothing of the Spanish-American War, yet Vowell just doesn't make it interesting, she's able to draw parallels with the Iraq war and the Bush administration.

I give this one a 7 and i've given up. I'm reserving The Wordy Shipmates then I'll do Radio On. After that one i'm finished with her! Until she writes another. I can't help but admit i totally have a crush on her. She's hilarious and goofy and nerdy and smart and dark. Uber-cool.


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