Jane Austen for Dummies

I don't read too many "for Dummies" books. It's not that i feel above them or anything, I just don't read a bunch of "how to" in general. i tend to read more of the overview type, like Philosophy for Dummies, where you get a good overview of a subject without going into tedious details. I did finish Jane Austen for Dummies by Joan Klingel Ray last night at work. I liked the author's style and you can really tell Ray's a big fan of Austen. There's plenty about Austen's real life but i was most interested in the facts about living in her times. Now i know the differences between the various sorts of carriages, what "making love" meant at that time, exactly what made a man a gentleman and what professions were open to younger sons. i knew that Jane Austen did not write of Victorian times but didn't know her era was called the Georgian one. This book definitely added to my understanding of Austen's books as well as other classics from this era, like Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights. I recommend it if you want to know general info. a 5.

In reading through this book i found i've read all of Austen's novels now except Mansfield Park and possibly Emma. i also found out that i don't own a copy of Pride and Prejudice! Blasphemy! so i am going to hit up McKay's and snag a copy this week.


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