The Last Man-Done!

Last night i finished Y: The Last Man by Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra. One of the Amazon reviewers calls it bittersweet and i can only agree. I cried and cried. I wish it had ended differently but i loved how it ended. does that make sense?

Volume 9 is titled Motherland. We get Yorick and company to China as they go after the ninja Toyota. Rose proves she's a good guy and we get another possible reason for the plague when we see who ninja girl was working for. Hero's group runs from the Israeli's and hops on a boat to Europe. Volume 10 is called Whys and Wherefores. Every one of our major characters, minus Dr. Mann and Rose, who are staying in China to research cloning, is heading to Paris. We get reunions and realizations. We get pain and beauty and sadness and love. It is simply an incredible ending.

Read it. Really. I give these last 2 issues a 7. The series gets a 7 too. Loved it!


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