The Lightning Thief

early this morning, around 2 am, i finished up The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I'm really torn. I know i should judge the book on itself only but i kept comparing it to the first Harry Potter book. It isn't entirely my fault as the plot involves a troubled, bullied boy finds out something amazing about his parentage between 6th and 7th grade. He discovers he has extraordinary powers, even among his kind, and must go to a special, protected place to train them. He makes friends with a boy who's rather clumsy and a girl who's really smart. They get a little information and then get tossed out into the world to handle themselves.

I don't want to say it it bad because it is not. I liked Percy and he is definitely different from Harry. I just personally don't think The Lightning Thief stands out in comparison to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Rowling's world is so detailed and it makes the action better. She leads you so carefully, explaining enough and letting us discover with Harry. We just get thrown into Percy's world. Riordan has Percy arriving at Camp Half-Blood in terrible circumstances and 2 days later Percy's just fine, taking everything in and moving into his cabin. It just didn't feel realistic, emotionally.

I give this one a 4. It counts for the YA Challenge and OUaT3. I will probably continue with the series after i get through my personal 20 and the other library books i need to read. I'm just not enthralled yet.


  1. Bummer! This one has been staring down at me from the shelves since I snagged it at a garage sale recently.

  2. Give it a try Andi! It isn't bad, just too familiar


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