More Original Chick Lit!

Ok. I don't read modern chick lit. the few that i've tried have driven me crazy! i don't like chick flicks either. They are just awful, and loaded with cliches, and have such the same personalities, and both the men and the women aren't people i'd want to know. Sleepless in Seattle is about the only one i like.

But the more i read of 18th century lit by women the more i like it! Agnes Grey, by Anne Bronte, is a pretty standard story. Poorish girl, intelligent and capable but not beautiful, hires herself out as a governess. Her first employment is awful while her second is better but the children still disinclined to learn. As her charges get older the boys go off to formal school while the eldest girl becomes a debutante. Agnes begins to get more time to herself, which she uses to read and attend to the poorer cottagers in the area. She meets Mr. Edward Weston, a minister new to the area. There are complications: the debutante tries to make Mr. Weston fall for her, not because she likes him but to add him as a conquest. She also makes is so Agnes and Mr. Weston cannot see each other. Then Agnes must move home to live with her mother because her father dies. Will Agnes and Edward ever end up together? :)

in summary: i liked it! it is sooo much better than Wuthering Heights. a bit better than Northanger Abbey and at least as good as Persuasion. a 6. another DailyLit book, a 1k1 book and it counts for gobs of challenges. Yay!


  1. I think I will pick up Agnes Grey next time I go to the library.The story line seems to be quiet familiar but then it all depends on how the author holds up.

  2. I think I'm going to have to get this. It's the only one of the Brontë books I haven't yet read. I loved Jane Eyre and The Tenent of Wildfell Hall and now your review has really made me want to read this as well. Thanks!


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