12 June 2009

movies update!

Watched a fair few over the last few weeks. not new or really impactful enough to review so i'm making a list.

Sunshine- ugh. I like Cillian Murphy but this movie was bleh. 2
Quarantine- a sort of Blair Witch type. would have liked it better if the final shot wasn't in all the commercials and even on the front of the DVD box! 4
High Noon- ok western. 4
The Dirty Dozen- WW2 movie. total classic, very good. 6
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: 7. i finished it at 3:15 this morning and immediately wanted to watch it again, that's how good this one was. I woke up thinking about it. WOW!
Young @ Heart- a 6. non-fiction about a chorus that sings rock songs, average age 80. moving and sad and funny and uplifting.

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