An old school book! Literally, i tore through Agatha Christie mysteries when i was in middle and early high school. I read most of the ones with Hercule Poirot and most of the one shots as well. I hadn't read but a few of the Miss Marple books though. I finished Nemesis today.

This book is the 12th of the 13 Miss Marple mysteries that Christie wrote. It refers a bit to a previous one, A Caribbean Mystery. I haven't read that one and i was able to follow this book perfectly well. A friend that Miss Marple met during A Caribbean Mystery has died, naturally, after a long illness. Mr. Rafiel was a wealthy financial wizard and leaves instructions with his lawyers to contact Miss Marple. He offers her 20,000 pounds to look into a mystery for him. He doesn't tell her what the mystery is or even suggest who it involves. He does, however, book a tour of English gardens for her, so off she goes to satisfy her curiosity. Of course she solves the mystery and gets the money, after we meet various characters that you only run into in British mysteries! I give this one a 5.


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