Sleeping Murder

I finished up Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie this morning. Another with Miss Marple. She's not the main character though. That would be Gwenda (love the name) Reed. She and her husband Giles have just come to England from New Zealand. They buy a house but Gwenda keeps having a strange feeling of deja vu. When she starts having visions of a dead woman at the bottom of the stairs she thinks that the new house is haunted.

Miss Marple pieces together a non-supernatural explanation: Gwenda lived in the house as a child and saw some sort of dreadful event. Though Miss Marple councils them not to, Gwenda and Giles set out to piece together what happened.

It was a nice solid mystery. I figured out who the killer was but i fully admit i may have read this one a loooong time ago so that may be why. The book wasn't familiar but i've read so many Christie's as a middle schooler i can't rule it out. a 5.


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