Transformers 2

So i went to see this one last night. I give it a 3. it was just kinda bleh. I looked at my watch several times starting about 80 mins in, ready to get out of there, and actually started texting during it, which i NEVER do during a movie. The story was barely there. When a side character starts raving about "the plot, you know, beginning, middle, end!" you know there's a problem. i got dizzy during one part and confused later as to which robots were the good guys and which were bad. I also didn't know robots could teleport. Throw in the most stereotypical college i've ever seen (of course every freshman in your dorm is in the same class!) and a really bizarre death/dream sequence and i just felt like giving up and walking out. Yes, i fully admit i had a terrible day and a worse time after and did not want to be there anyway but i don't think that really affected my feelings toward the movie.

pluses-the army guys are hot, Megan Fox is hot, Bumblebee and the tiny RC decepticon were funny. That's all i got.


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